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Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, Artmill is Artistic Milliners pivot into the woven fabric space, which is a multinational denim powerhouse that operates at the intersection of automation, innovation, responsible manufacturing, and clean energy. Artmill embodies the same ethos while catering to global and local markets in the piece-dyed fashion & workwear businesses. The custom-designed plant is equipped with leading-edge European machinery and can produce 2.2 million Yards of fabric across multiple fabrications, blends & finishes.

As we partner with our customers to architect the next generation of fabrics, we are excited to embark on this uncharted journey and co-create the future of fashion & workwear articles. At Artmill, we are weaving a journey forward to connect the past and future. Through operational excellence and collaborative partnership with our customers, we will champion the future of casual fashion and performance fabric.