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Published by: Artmill
10 December 2021
Author: Staff

Professionals in every occupation face varying levels of health and safety risks. To avoid injuries and safety hazards at the workplace, Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is used. Usually, these injuries may result from contact with chemicals, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. To ensure workplace safety, different regional and international organizations have established safety regulations.

Health & Safety guidelines in the industrial sector have become more stringent because of the rising incidents at the workplace. To comply with these set regulations, companies need to ensure workers’ safety; thus, increasing the demand for PPE gradually.

In any manufacturing facility, safety must be the number one priority. Supervisors should do weekly if not daily safety walks, appropriate signage should be posted to warn of potential hazards, proper guarding should be installed to dam moving parts and dangerous machinery, – perhaps most significantly – personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn to make sure the individual safety of each employee. While signage and perimeter guarding protect individuals from wandering into hazardous areas, personal protective equipment protects individuals from coming into contact with hazardous materials., t Art Mill, our focus is on safety fabrication for apparel. Our product portfolio carries interesting fabric concepts, each of which is designed because of its unique properties. The material combinations have been carefully crafted keeping in view the industry and the environment that you work in. We are excited to cross-pollinate and create hybrid products the world has never seen. We are laser-focused on what is going to change the game.

Stay tuned to hear more about ART-UTILITY, Artmill’s workwear product capsule.

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