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Let’s move towards an eco-friendly world

There's a big push these days to be more environmentally conscious in our lives. We're trying to reduce the waste we produce, recycle as much as possible..

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Class. Sophistication. Elegance. These words all describe the feeling you get when you put on a piece of clothing that seems to fit well and look good no matter what. How do you achieve this in your wardrobe?..

Why Organic Cotton Is a Better Option than Conventional Cotton

If you ever look at your wardrobe, you will see that more than half of your clothes are made up of cotton.

The shift toward Renewable Energy Sources

Textile industries use a lot of fuel and energy to carry out their operations. That is because many processes are involved in manufacturing high-quality fabrics, and they consume immense power.

Circular & Conscious Solutions for the Textile Industry

Sustainability in textile industries is more than just using organic cotton and providing better working conditions for labor. It involves energy usage at every stage and level of textile processes.

How our Clothing is Manufactured Eco-Responsibly

Are you one of those individuals who are extremely conscious about what you consume as a buyer? The concern is greatly understood by clothing manufacturers and that is why many textile industrialists are striving to bring quality clothing without harming any element of the environment.

Launch of Artmill Expands Artistic Milliners’ Ecosystem towards Premium Wovens

The opening of Artmill, a new venture under the Artistic Milliners portfolio, signifies the next echelon of innovation and technological advancement toward the creation of new products and categories beyond denim.

Recycling textiles to heal the planet

Artmill is giving breathing space to the planet and letting it heal. The Group is one of the biggest suppliers of recycled products in Asia. Our portfolio of recycled fibers includes pre-consumer recycled cotton, post-consumer recycled cotton, industrial waste, and branded fibers like Tencel’s Refibra, Unifi’s Repreve, and Ocean Repreve.

Art-Utility: Combining safety, practicality, and durability

At Art Mill, our focus is on safety fabrication for apparel. Our product portfolio carries interesting fabric concepts, each of which is designed because of its unique properties. The material combinations have been carefully crafted keeping in view the industry and the environment that you work in.

Making ethical fashion choices

Artmill believes adapting to sustainable ways is the only way to move forward with the future of textiles and its relationship with the environment. Producing a product is one aspect but making it in a way that does not harm the environment and cause no consequences is another; always choose longevity.

Artistic Milliners makes woven textile move

With about 70 years in the denim business, manufacturer Artistic Milliners has expertise in creating jeans. But now the company is taking on a new category: woven textiles.